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Avast vs Windows Defender: What’s The Best Program?

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Avast vs Windows Defender Feature Comparison

FeatureAvastwindows defender
Real-Time Protection
Protection Shields
Web Protection
Ransomware Shield
Remote Access Shield
Password Manager
Identity Theft Protection
Parental Control
Multiple Scanning Options
DNS Security
Dark Web Monitoring
Email Guardian
WiFi Protection
Fire Shredder
Webcam Shield
Parental Controls
Cloud Protection
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In the world of digital warfare, protecting organizations’ digital assets has become a difficult task. As a last resort, businesses are looking for the best and most reliable cybersecurity solutions, such as Avast and Windows Defender, to survive and thrive in the competitive industry.

This article will detail the difference between Avast and Windows Defender, Microsoft’s built-in antivirus program. Finally, you will be able to know which one between these two is better and win the cybersecurity race.

What Do I Need to Know About Avast?

Avast is a modern cybersecurity platform that delivers various applications to fight against notorious cybersecurity threats and attacks. More importantly, Avast offers an award-winning antivirus, a free program that leads your first step to online freedom. You can download a free version of Avast from an official website. Avast also offers a free trial for Avast Premium Security.

Avast is the best free antivirus as it provides six layers of security, WiFi network security, and ransomware protection against types of malware, such as Botnet, Fileless malware, Adware, Spyware, Keylogger, Trojan horses, worms, and so forth. Avast free antivirus is easy to install. It runs quietly in the background, protecting your sensitive data in real time, 24/7. Avast’s interface is also user-friendly. Get basic protection with Avast free antivirus to meet your specific needs.

Avast has been delivering excellence for more than 30 years. Until now, more than 435 million global users have trusted Avast’s security products as they provide a good level of protection in the face of security breaches. According to Avast, Avast Antivirus Protection, Avast Premium Security, Avast Ultimate, Avast Internet Security, and Avast One blocks around 1.5 billion cyber threats and attacks every month.

Figure 1: Avast Premium Security
Figure 1: Avast Premium Security

Avast Security Products

Avast primarily offers four security products for individuals and organizations. They support various platforms, including PCs with Microsoft Windows operating systems, Android devices, Mac, and iPhone/iPad. Contrarily, Microsoft Defender is available only for Microsoft Windows operating systems.

  1. Avast Free Antivirus
  2. Avast Premium Security
  3. Avast Ultimate
  4. Avast One
  5. Avast Mobile Security App (Free)

Avast Privacy Tools

The best antivirus software always ensures customers’ data protection via privacy features. That is the reason Avast offers five additional privacy tools, including:

  1. Avast SecureLine VPN
  2. Avast AntiTrack
  3. Avast BreachGuard
  4. Avast Secure Browser
  5. Avast Online Security & Privacy

Avast Performance Tools

Security is useless unless you achieve the best system performance and peace of mind. Avast delivers two solutions to enhance performance and clean system memory.

  1. Avast Driver Updater
  2. Avast Cleanup Premium

The following sections gain insight into Avast’s advanced features and how they help ensure cyber defense, including virus protection, ransomware protection, terms of malware protection, and threat protection.

Real-time Protection

Today’s fast and sophisticated cybersecurity threats and attacks can hide in system memory for years. For example, Bot, a self-propagating malware, can quickly go unnoticed because its name is almost identical to system processes and files. Some malicious Bots include Spambots that can harvest email addresses from guestbook pages or contact. Another one is SharkBot which is an Android banking malware.

You cannot wait for your antivirus products to scan hidden malware because they can cause damage to your system in minutes or even seconds. Therefore, you need the best real-time feature, like real-time protection, to capture hidden threats. Fortunately, Avast provides customers with real-time protection through various essential features, such as Core Shields, Network Inspectors, Firewalls, Email Guardian, Ransomware Shield, Real Site, and Remote Access Shield.

Multiple Scans

Avast offers multiple scans to find viruses and malware with various customization options. All methods are extremely useful. In addition, you can set on-demand scans. Below is the list of each scanning technique.

Smart Scan

Smart scan enables the user to scan his system memory comprehensively. In fact, it is a quick scan whose outcomes are delivered in almost a minute. Therefore, a smart scan is better if you want to scan quickly. Contrarily, the scanning speed of Microsoft Defender is very slow.

Boot-Time Scan

Boot-time scan executes before the starting of an operating system. As a matter of fact, this type of scan helps detect hidden malware and viruses that can quietly cause massive damage.

Explorer Scan

Sometimes, you download files from the internet. You are not sure whether the files are secure or not. Under such circumstances, you don’t need to open your Avast free antivirus from the system tray. Instead, go to the file in question using a file explorer and right-click on this file. The drop-down menu will list Avast Explorer scan, whereby you can scan the file.

Custom Scan

In a Custom scan or manual scan, the user will specify parameters, and the scan will run accordingly. The Custom scan also enables the user to schedule scans.

Full Virus Scan

A full or system scan comprehensively scans the system’s entire memory. It also scans directories, different types of memories, and even an external drive.

Targeted Scan

If you want to scan selected folders, then you need to do a Targeted scan.

Core Shields

Avast Core Shields presents a complete security suite in the face of cyber-attacks and protect your personal data. Core Shields is a collection of multiple security services that effectively raid the hideouts of malicious threats. The following sections gain insight into four kinds of Core Shields:

Web Shield

When you connect to the internet and browse web applications, numerous web attacks can attempt to infiltrate your network by exploring security vulnerabilities in your web browser and network. The good news is that Avast Web Shield prevents web attacks from compromising your web browser and other networking applications.

Mail Shield

Although email is one of the crucial ways of communication, scammers always use notorious techniques such as phishing to exploit emails. Avast offers a Mail Shield to prevent phishing and other social engineering attacks.

File Shield

Business systems incorporate critical files. Therefore, you must scan each file in a timely manner to avoid future nightmares. Avast File Shield protects your vital files and personal information.

Behavior Shield

Avast’s Behavior Shield is based on behavior analytics. If a program identifies abnormal behavior in any app or service, or online activities, Behavior Shield will immediately block it. In addition, Avast raises a security alarm if a suspicious application is detected.

Figure 2: Avast Core Shields
Figure 2: Avast Core Shields

Network Inspector

In addition to Web Shield, Avast enhances your online security with Network Inspector. The network can provide porous holes in security to expand the attack surface. Bad guys find vulnerabilities in the network to pave the way for further infiltration. If your network is properly secure, the overall security will be good. That is the reason Network Inspector comes into place.

Figure 3: Avast Network Inspector
Figure 3: Avast Network Inspector

Remote Access Shield

While working remotely, it’s challenging to ensure Data Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability (CIA) due to ever-rising security breaches. According to an OpenVPN survey, 54% of security professionals say remote workers pose a greater cybersecurity risk than traditional employees.

Despite security concerns, the transition to Work-From-Home (WFH) strategy is underway. The reason is more robust cybersecurity tools like Avast. Researchers from Ladder reveal that 25% of all jobs in North America will be remote by the last month of 2022.

Avast offers a Remote Access Shield to protect the remote workforce to stop threat actors from utilizing your laptop’s remote desktop against you. This feature also enables you to allow or block people who are possibly accessing your remote desktop.

Real Site

DNS attacks are on the rise. They can cause a compromise of your banking info and passwords. Fortunately, Avast provides you with a Real Site feature whereby you can prevent DNS attacks. Real Site prevents cyber pests from exploiting your DNS settings and redirecting you to fake websites.

Ransomware Shield

Ransomware is a type of malware in which bad guys lock and encrypt the victim’s data and information and demands a ransom (often in cryptocurrency) to decrypt them. Otherwise, it is of no use. Avast Ransomware Shield prevents ransomware attacks, protects your personal data, and keeps your adversaries at bay.


You may need to download a necessary file or software from an untrusted source. You are not sure whether this software is clean or harmful. Avast Sandbox allows you to run this software in a safe environment so that it cannot cause damage if malicious content is detected.

Email Guardian

Avast protects your emails with all email clients and browsers. On the other hand, Microsoft Defender protects only the emails that go through Microsoft products.

WiFi Protection

Avast raises security alerts if a user connects to a vulnerable network. Contrarily, Windows Defender doesn’t provide WiFi protection.

Additional Features

In addition to the abovementioned features, Avast offers some other powerful features, including a Password Manager, File Shredder, Sensitive Data Shield, and Webcam Shield. NOTE: Microsoft Defender doesn’t provide password management.

Avast Support

Get answers to your queries anytime you want. The Avast customer support team can help you in this regard.


Avast provides free antivirus options that are rarely available in other anti-virus programs. However, Avast Premium Security starts at $49.99 annually (49% off). On the other hand, Avast Ultimate costs you $79.99 per year (38% off). Each price plan is available for ten devices. You can use the premium plan on a single device, either. Avast also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for consumer product subscriptions.

Figure 4: Avast Price Plans
Figure 4: Avast Price Plans

What Do I Need to Know About Microsoft Windows Defender?

Microsoft offers next-generation security for Microsoft Servers and Windows PC, such as Windows 10 and 11. In addition, the company provides the best and industry-leading cybersecurity solutions to achieve this goal.

Unlike its predecessors, Windows Defender has come up with several features that make it a trustworthy component of Windows. In addition, since 2021, this antivirus program has earned its place with the Microsoft Defender brand, further offering a range of valuable services, including Microsoft Defender for Cloud, 365 Microsoft Defender, and much more.

Figure 5: Microsoft Defender Device Protection
Figure 5: Microsoft Defender Device Protection

What Security Tools Does Microsoft Offer?

Below is the list of Microsoft security essentials.

  • Windows Defender Antivirus (AV)
  • Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Plans 1 and 2
  • Microsoft Defender Antivirus
  • Microsoft Defender for Business
  • Windows Defender Exploit Guard (EG)
  • Microsoft 365 Defender

Windows Defender AV is a vital part of the Microsoft Defender for Endpoints. This technology incorporates in-depth threat resistance research, big-data analysis, machine learning, and Microsoft cloud infrastructure to protect enterprise endpoints. Microsoft provides a built-in Windows Defender AV in Windows operating systems. In addition, Microsoft Defender for Endpoints works collaboratively with Windows Defender to protect devices in the Cloud.

The following sections deeply dive into understanding the best security features of Windows Defender EG and Windows Defender AV.

Real-Time Protection/Real-Time Scanning

One of the most crucial and logical aspects of Windows Defender is to provide real-time protection/scanning, also known as always-on protection. Windows Defender can protect your systems and networks against malicious attacks that run in real-time, such as Bots.

Windows Defender AV’s real-time scanning is based on Behavior Analytics, which analyzes and compares data to a known pattern collection. Defender AV monitors running processes and other heuristics to detect abnormal behavior. If any malicious modification is detected, its antivirus engine will promptly block the suspicious file or process from running.

Real-time protection will raid the following types of activities:

  • AutoStart of extensibility points
  • Altering the present files and their structure
  • Registry keys startup, automatically
  • Any other kind of security threat

It is rightly said that “Prevention is better than cure.”

You need to ensure that your real-time alerts are on. To this end, you must configure the always-on protection settings through the Local Group Policy Editor in your Windows. In addition, you can view security alerts outside of Defender for the Cloud using CSV reports, Microsoft Sentinel Connector, and continuous export from the environment setting allows you to configure streams of security alerts.


Individuals and organizations browse a Terabyte (TB) of data daily, which can open the floodgates of new cybersecurity threats and attacks. Thus, bad guys can deliver malware, a malicious script, or software that can hijack your critical systems and networks.

The name of Windows defender is at the forefront when malware protection is considered. Therefore, it provides an excellent opportunity for its users to rely on its exceptionally designed Anti-malware protection mechanism.

Microsoft launched a new version, 4.18.2210.5, for better protection against these threats. This package is termed as an Update for the Microsoft Defender Anti-Malware platform. With a 2-3MB size, this package has multiple regular updates that you may need to incorporate within your Windows 10 defender for smooth functioning. In a nutshell, Microsoft offers excellent Anti-Malware security.

Microsoft recommends using a new version of operating systems rather than the older ones, such as Windows XP or Windows Vista. New operating systems work well with Windows Defender security center to ensure Windows security.

Identity Theft Protection

Through Identity Theft Monitoring, your sensitive data, such as ID Card number, Data of Birth (DoB), address, credit card details, etc., are protected with Microsoft Windows Defender’s Identity Theft Protection.

You can protect your identity and metadata through the Identity Theft Protection feature offered by Windows defender Antivirus. In addition, Microsoft’s partnership with Experian® helps you stay protected on the dark web and the public internet.

Identity Theft Protection will notify via a security alert you if hostile actors breach your personal details. More often, it cannot be a false positive. If you have fallen prey to identity theft, the 24/7 support team will help restore your identity details. If the damage occurs, Microsoft can pay you up to $1 million in insurance to cover your losses.

Cloud Protection

Advanced threats need countermeasure protection schemes that work with AI and other machine learning models. You can now use the Cloud Protection features of Microsoft Defender and the antivirus capabilities to provide real-time and adequate protection.

These services are also known as MAPS (Microsoft Advanced Protection Service), as they can intelligently identify any upcoming threats. It is set on as a default setting; however, you can change its settings periodically.

You can now connect your database server to the Cloud for more advanced security. In addition, this security service is also effective for your endpoint and even across your network.

Family Organizers

Family Organizers, also known as parental controls, ensure the privacy of you and your family. An administrator manages the accessibility of family members, their roles, and related permissions.

In fact, Family Organizers can easily monitor the online activities of your family members. The organizers can set the following rules in this app:

  • Filters for websites, apps, and games
  • Screen time
  • Activity monitoring
  • Purchase rights and search for other members
Figure 6: Microsoft Defender Family Organizer
Figure 6: Microsoft Defender Family Organizer

Endpoint Response and Monitoring

Keeping your endpoints safe is also essential these days. Therefore, Microsoft Defender Endpoint Response and Monitoring features come into place. It helps to keep your devices safe and allows you to detect and deal with cyberattacks at your company’s endpoints.

Web Protection

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint offers a Web Protection feature that incorporates web content filtering, web threat protection, and custom indicators. This feature enables your devices to stay protected in the face of web attacks.

Figure 7: Microsoft Defender Web Protection
Figure 7: Microsoft Defender Web Protection


If you are looking for Microsoft Defender App, then you can get Microsoft 365 Personal/family subscription per year, as shown in the pictures below.

Figure 8: Microsoft Defender Prices
Figure 8: Microsoft Defender Prices

Figure 9: Microsoft Defender Prices

Figure 10: Microsoft Defender Prices

Customer Support

Microsoft offers global technical, billing, pre-sales, and subscription support for Microsoft Defender for Cloud Applications.


In Windows Defender vs Avast, we analyze that both security products are well-known in the antivirus software market. In addition, both tools are equipped with powerful antivirus and antimalware solutions. However, after a detailed comparison, there is a good reason to say that the overall winner is Avast due to the extra features. So, Avast products are a better option than Microsoft Windows Defender.

Avast secure a good position in independent tests. AV Test evaluated 19 home user security products during July and August 2020. Avast Free Antivirus and One Essential ranked at second and third position with 6 out of 6 perfect scores in protection, performance, and usability. Microsoft Defender is also on the list but in 13th position.

Moreover, Avast secured a top position in the 2021 Anti-Phishing Certification Test conducted by AV Comparatives, a real-world protection test.

Microsoft Defender is a good choice for basic protection. However, Avast should be your first and best bet if you need a more comprehensive security solution.

Our ScoreAvastwindows defender
User-Friendliness 55
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