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ByteFence vs. Avast Antivirus: What’s The Best Program?

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Struggling to choose between ByteFence and Avast antivirus?

Making a wise decision is indispensable to ensure better cyber resilience in the face of cyber attacks, such as social engineering attacks, malware threats, trojan horses, unwanted programs, and viruses.

However, before choosing between these two, it is essential to know your specific needs or what type of security software you need.

In fact, ByteFence is just an Anti-malware program that is effective against all kinds of malware and crapware.

Contrarily, Avast is a complete package for cybersecurity defense. The cybersecurity company offers products for all users, including home users, businesses, and partners. Below is the list of their products:

  • Avast Free Antivirus
  • Avast Premium Security
  • Avast Ultimate

Avast enables users to protect their devices and keep their families safe. They offer mobile security, threat intelligence, family protection, and Virtual Private Networks (VPN).

There are too many antivirus solutions and anti-malware programs, such as ByteFence, AVG Antivirus, Kaspersky Internet Security, Sophos Anti-virus, Baidu Antivirus, Norton Antivirus, ESET Antivirus, Quick Heal Total Security, Quick Heal Antivirus Pro, Microsoft Defender, or Avast Antivirus.

Currently, you may want to decide between ByteFence and Avast Antivirus.

In this article, we will gain an insight into ByteFence Anti-Malware and Avast Antivirus programs.

ByteFence vs Avast Antivirus Feature Comparison

Featurebytefence logoAvast
Real-time Protection
Browser Protection
Malware Search
Customer Support
Automatic Updates
Script Blocker
Command-line Scanner
Enhanced User Interface
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What is Avast Antivirus and What does it?

Avast is an award-winning computer security program that protects computer systems and valuable data in the face of viruses and kinds of malware, also known as “badware,” such as Botnet, Fileless malware, Keylogger, trojan horses, worms, etc.

Moreover, it’s a better antivirus that provides full protection and the best defense against cyber attacks.

Avast antivirus encompasses the best technology solutions, which are listed below:

  • Anti-rootkit
  • Anti-spyware
  • Strong self-protection capabilities

The anti-spyware solution is certified by West Coast Lab’s Checkmark process. More importantly, Avast Free Antivirus version 21.11.2500 has successfully met the Virus Bulletin (VB) 100 test criteria. According to Avast, more than 50 million home and office users worldwide trust Avast antivirus.

Avast also reveals that its antivirus product blocks more than 1.5 billion cyber attacks every month. In addition, the company has 30-plus years of proud innovation.

The VB100 made this test on Microsoft Windows 10 Pro N, 64 bits, 10.0.19043. The VB100 ensures that the product doesn’t generate more than 0.05% false positives. In addition, the antivirus solution must detect at least 99.5% of the test cases of malware threats or malicious software.

What Do I Need to Know About Avast Antivirus Key Features?

Avast antivirus provides real-time protection with advanced features to defend against the latest threats and attacks. The following sections delve into more detail.

Antivirus Kernel

A kernel is the core of any antivirus program. A device driver is an example of a kernel-level utility. The kernel involves powerful detection abilities with high performance. It allows 100% detection of “in-the-wild” viruses and malware. For example, detect and stop malicious rootkit activity with an antivirus kernel.

The ICSA Labs certifies the Avast Antivirus kernel, and VB100 also frequently tests it. Therefore, the Avast antivirus kernel is trustworthy and reliable.

Real-time Protection

You must not depend on a manual scan and wait for the scan to execute automatically. When threat actors attempt to penetrate your computer systems and networks, real-time protection foils these malicious attempts before they become a big nightmare.

Real-time protection is one of the most critical features of any modern antivirus solution. It is rightly said that prevention is better than cure. Unlike reactive antivirus protection that acts after the attack, real-time protection is proactive that prevents the attacks from happening. Threat Hunting and Threat Intelligence are the best examples of real-time protection. Fortunately, the Avast antivirus program is equipped with real-time protection. Likewise, ByteFence also provides real-time protection against malware attacks.

Threat Detection Capability

Avast’s free version is equipped with one of the world’s largest threat detection databases. Contrarily, ByteFence’s free version offers minimal functionality. The product’s paid version, known as ByteFence Pro, provides some good features.

Built-in Anti-rootkit Solution

A rootkit is a clandestine software operated by malicious parties to gain privileged access to a victim’s computer while being undetected or unnoticed. An anti-rootkit solution identifies suspicious and rogue processes, modified files, registry keys, modules or hooks, and known or unknown rootkits.

Avast provides a built-in anti-rootkit technology that searches for operating system memory infections, scans AutoRun malicious files, and remediates and neutralizes active infections. Moreover, Avast anti-rootkit technology is based on GMER technology. As a result, if a software detects a rootkit, it will initially disable it and safely remove it without affecting system performance. Contrarily, ByteFence neither provides a built-in anti-rootkit solution nor anti-rootkit integration.

Built-in Anti-spyware Solution

Spyware is a malicious script that secretly records information from a victim’s device and covertly transmits this information to another hard drive controlled by hackers. An anti-spyware solution detects spyware’s malicious behavior and raises the alarm to alert incident responders.

The best security software incorporates a built-in anti-spyware solution, like Avast antivirus. Avast offers a built-in anti-spyware technology that protects users’ critical data and foils cyber pests’ spying behavior. In addition, the West Coast Labs Checkmark certification process certifies Avast anti-spyware technology.

Robust Self-Protection

New threats are very sophisticated and often disable the antivirus program on the victim’s machine. Instead of directly attacking targets, these latest threats neutralize your protection by blocking your antivirus.

Avast offers built-in self-protection that disables all malicious activities attempted to remove or change antivirus files, registry events, and memory processes. In addition, Avast provides multilayer security and Core Shields (e.g., File Shield, Behavior Shield, Web Shield, and Mail Shield) to protect itself against bad guys.

avast antivirus protection
Avast offers a multitude of self-protection options

Automatic Updates

Automatic updates are a very crucial feature of any modern antivirus program. Thousands of new cyber-attacks are discovered every day. Signature-based antivirus solutions cannot detect the latest threats unless they receive periodic updates.

Avast antivirus automatically updates itself and its virus database at fixed intervals. The transfer time is significantly low because updates are incremental, downloading only new or missing data.

Virus Chest

Avast’s Virus Chest is a quarantine area used to store viruses, suspicious files, and backup system files. The Virus Chest provides additional features, such as adding files, deleting files, restoring files, extracting files, scanning, commenting, and sending emails to ALWIL software about selected files.

The maximum size of the Chest can be adjusted. You can set the amount of space or memory for Chest on your computer system. In addition, you can adjust the size of every file transferred to the Chest.

avast antivirus quarantine
Detected threats can be safely locked away in Avast’s Virus Chest

System Integration

Avast offers a complete system integration. It provides an extension for Explorer whereby you can directly scan by clicking on a file or folder with the right mouse button. You can also perform a virus scan through a special screen saver.

A screen saver will notify you about the scan process when your computer is not in use. However, you must activate the screen saver to initiate this process. System integration is not available in ByteFence.

Virus Cleaner

Avast antivirus also includes an integrated special Virus Cleaner. This security tool removes the most common viruses from the victim machine.

Virus Cleaner is quick and effective in removing specific threats instead of waiting for a long to complete a scan process.

Script Blocker for Professional Edition

It is essential to discover script viruses hidden inside the web pages. Typically, these scripts are not very dangerous because programs that run them prevent them from accessing files. However, hostile actors can exploit vulnerabilities in the web browser, such as google chrome or internet explorer, to infect your computer.

Avast provides a built-in Script Blocker that checks web pages that a user visits for any script to prevent script attacks. If a script is malicious, the program will block it and prevent it from infecting your computer. This feature is not available in ByteFence.

Command-line Scanner for Professional Edition

Avast provides a Command-line Scanner for users of the Avast professional edition. This feature involves a command line to carry out scans using various switches and parameters. A special STDIN/STDOUT mode is also available. Unfortunately, the command line is not available in ByteFence.

Push Updates for Professional Edition

Typically, security software itself checks the updates occasionally. On the other hand, Push Updates are carried out by Avast’s server. As a result, the computer responds quickly and performs necessary updates. In addition, Avast ensures the confidentiality of Push Updates by using asymmetric ciphers, a cryptographic technique. On the other hand, ByteFence doesn’t provide push updates.

Enhanced User Interface for Professional Edition

It is always irritating to perform manual and mundane tasks. Avast’s Enhanced User Interface (EUI) helps create particular tasks. In addition, you can schedule tasks regularly, such as daily, weekly, or monthly. On the contrary, ByteFence does not offer the EUI.


Avast is a better antivirus and more popular than ByteFence. Reportedly, ByteFence installs automatically, redirects browsers makes unauthorized changes to desktop and system settings and changes the browser’s default search engine to As a result, most security professionals named it the ByteFence Anti-Malware virus and Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP).

ByteFence also generates aggressive, nagging, and intrusive banners, pop-ups, and ads on your personal computer screen.

Customer Support

Avast Customer Support is much better than that of ByteFence. Avast provides all the support you need for your Avast antivirus or other products. In addition, the company offers a support section page that incorporates a search bar with a knowledge base to search for answers to customers’ queries. FAQ section is also included on the support page. ByteFence also provides customer support.

What is ByteFence Antivirus and What does It?

ByteFence is an Anti-Malware solution. It detects and removes malware threats, such as Crapware, Worms, Trojan Horses, Spyware, Adware, Fileless Malware, Keyloggers, etc.

ByteFence can concurrently work with other antivirus programs. As a result, it provides the best defense in the face of unwanted Adware and Crapware. Get reliable protection for your office and home computer.

Byte Technologies built ByteFence with the help of many experienced teams of malware researchers and talented programmers. The headquarter of Byte Technologies is in the United States.

bytefence scan
This is what a ByteFence completed scan looks like

What Do I Need to Know About ByteFence Key Features?

ByteFence is good in terms of its capability to protect against malware threats. However, ByteFence cannot be deployed as a comprehensive security solution in the face of cybersecurity threats and attacks. The following sections take a deep dive to understand ByteFence vital features.

Malware Search

ByteFence can perform a quick scan against malware. Then, in the event of infection, the product will clean your computer and prevent the spread of malware. Avast also provides a malware search.


Some unwanted programs may slow down your windows computers. In addition, a few programs also run in the background of your operating system that can provide porous holes to threat actors. As a result, these bad guys can exploit system vulnerabilities to penetrate systems and networks.

ByteFence’s TuneUp feature can speed up your computer by dealing with everyday problems that slow down your computer. Moreover, the application helps you automatically improve PC startup time, internet speed, and program performance. Like ByteFence, Avast also offers the TuneUp utility program.

Protect Browsers

Internet browsers have a crucial role in performing financial transactions and exchanging personal data. Therefore, the protection of internet browsers is inevitable.

ByteFence’s anti-malware program and Avast ensure your personal data confidentiality and protect your online identity. The product checks potential vulnerabilities on your web browser, whether Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer. ByteFence’s Secure Browser Extension can help in this regard.

bytefence browser settings
ByteFence browser extension helps keep your personal data safe

Although ByteFence protects browsers as per Byte Technologies, many security experts question its act of changing the default browser’s homepage to

bytefence changes default browser
We’re certainly not a fan of ByteFence changing your homepage though!

Real-Time Protection

Like Avast antivirus, ByteFence also provides 24/7 real-time protection against malware threats. Therefore, it is not the best approach to wait for the threats to come in. Instead, prevent them from entering your computer systems and networks. ByteFence real-time protection is always available to defend against malware threats.

Customer Support

ByteFence offers an online Customer Support Center. If you have any queries, you can contact the company, and they will get back with an answer.

So Which is Best, ByteFence or Avast?

This article compared the Genuine ByteFence Anti-Malware program with Avast free antivirus program and its paid version. As a result, we conclude that Avast is WINNER! and better than ByteFence.

Avast’s user market is greater than that of ByteFence. Moreover, Avast is a full-fledged antivirus program. On the contrary, ByteFence is just an anti-malware software with limited features.

In addition, Avast provides more excellent customer service than that of ByteFence. You will also get better performance and robust security with Avast. Therefore, if you want to decide between Avast and ByteFence, Avast should be your best bet.

Avast Provides comprehensive antivirus protection. You can buy Avast Antivirus, Avast Ultimate, Avast Premium, Avast Cleanup, Avast Mobile Security, and Avast Secureline VPN – Virtual Private Network.

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