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Webroot vs. Avast: What’s The Best Program?

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The IT industry offers many security products, such as Webroot and Avast. However, it is essential to know which one serves your best purpose.

In this blog post, we will make a detailed comparison between Webroot and Avast to know which is a clear winner. The following sections spell out both products’ features in detail.

Webroot vs Avast Feature Comparison

Featurewebroot logoAvast
Real-Time Protection
Identity Theft Protection
Polymorphic Malware Protection
Cloud Service Intelligence
Password Management
Smart Scan
Multiple Scans
Mobile Security
Threat Protection
Network Inspector
Webcam Shield
Data Shredder
Ransomware Shield
Remote Access Shield
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What Do I Need to Know About Webroot?

With the support of cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence and cloud-based machine learning, Webroot has emerged as an effective cybersecurity solution. Its top security products are renowned for their all-encompassing, multi-layer defense capabilities. They successfully shield your equipment, identity, data, and solitude in real-time against the most serious dangers. Webroot also offers a free trial.

1. webroot threats detected
Webroot scan in progress…

Webroot Security Tools

  • Webroot AntiVirus
  • Internet Security Plus
  • Internet Security Complete
  • Webroot Security for Chromebook
  • AntiVirus for Gamers
  • Webroot Mobile Security

Data Privacy Tools

  • WiFi Security

Performance Tools

Webroot doesn’t offer any performance tools.

Features of Webroot Security Tools

Webroot offers exciting and useful features. The following sections delve into more detail.

Identity Theft Protection

Did you know that there is specialized malware that can track your online browsing patterns and log your keystrokes? Don’t worry about that! You are shielded against financial loss and identity theft with Webroot Security tools.

They protect you from information thieves such as keyloggers, phishing scams, and others while ensuring that your necessary data is secure. They also alert you to potential hazards before you click. The Identity Shield and the Phishing Shield are the two shields that ensure identity protection.

According to the United States Government, identity theft occurs when a bad guy steals sensitive information to perpetrate fraud.

Avast BreachGuard also ensures identity theft protection. To this end, it monitors the web 24/7.

Polymorphic Malware Detection

Cybercriminals are very sophisticated in their operations. They use modern techniques to evade security strategies. Therefore, Computer Security and Incident Response Team (CSIRT) recommends using a polymorphic malware detection tool to defend against malware better. To this end, Webroot’s BrightCloud offers this security feature.

In addition, BrightCloud’s File Reputation Service ensures data confidentiality. This security feature catches malicious files while they are in transit. BrightCloud doesn’t allow threat actors to penetrate a secure network.

Cloud Service Intelligence

The covid-19 pandemic pushed the workforce to work remotely. As a result, employees have to access the company’s resources through a cloud and beyond the corporate firewall. This is why organizations have to face numerous challenges in ensuring data Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability (CIA), enforcing usage policies, and maintaining compliance.

The good news is that Webroot’s BrightCloud Service Intelligence allows Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASBs) and other security technology vendors to prevent unwanted, unsanctioned, unsafe, and non-compliant usage of cloud applications and services. On the other hand, Avast offers an Avast Business Cloud Antivirus that provides online protection to businesses.

Real-time Anti-Phishing

Phishing attacks remain significant in data breaches affecting businesses and individuals. For example, in 2021, Tessian research discovered that employees receive an average of fourteen (14) malicious emails (Phishing) per year. Fortunately, Webroot security tools automate the detection of phishing websites by utilizing cutting-edge machine learning and content classification. In addition, their service uses hundreds of site attributes and external elements related to the site to crawl and analyze requested URLs in milliseconds. Therefore, to thwart malicious efforts, the Webroot Real-Time Anti-Phishing tool scans ahead of time and alerts you to any potential danger before you click.

Password Management

Webroot’s Password Manager is integrated with LastPass to protect your information from hackers. The latter uses a zero-knowledge architecture and uncrackable 256-bit AES encryption to secure user login and password information. Without the decryption key, the encrypted data is useless to Webroot security tools and everyone else. Additionally, Webroot’s Password Manager can swiftly fill out the username and password boxes on login-required websites, including banking, shopping, and social networking. Your login information is stored in the password manager for you. Avast also provides password protection.

Mobile Security

Webroot’s mobile app includes an antivirus scanner, backup storage, and a secure browser to protect users from malicious sites and other tactics. Safe web browsing protects your mobile device identity by blocking malicious websites and phishing attacks. The following functions are also available in the Webroot mobile app:

  • Google’s Find My Device (used to protect lost devices)
  • Online storage
  • App Inspector Review audits your mobile apps and checks them for security risks.

Avast also provides a Mobile security application.

Lightning-Fast Scans

The Lightning-Fast scan that Webroot provides is one of its best features. Its process takes around 20 seconds, considerably less than many of its rivals’ solutions. Additionally, cloud-based upgrades ensure that your internet security is constantly current. Lightning-Fast’s powerful antivirus safeguards your devices in real-time by finding and blocking new threats. Webroot’s Lightning-Fast tool scans more quickly, consumes fewer system resources, and protects your devices from viruses and malware through the cloud. Comparatively, Avast offers a Smart Scan feature.

Threat Protection

Webroot security tools provide real-time, 360° security everywhere and prevent malicious actions from spreading. In addition, Webroot’s BrightCloud provides world-class Threat Intelligence and actionable insights from threat detection to risk management.

More importantly, BrightCloud has 4+ billion IPv4 and IPv6 addresses history, 43+ billion evaluated URLs, 1+ billion categorized domains, 32 PB data under management, 95M+ real-world sensors, and 38+billion file behavior records history. Furthermore, the security company analyses 25K threats and URLs per day.

Their DNS protection automatically blocks inbound threats for endpoints and networks and provides cloud-based threat intelligence services. Moreover, using powerful, real-time threat detection technology, Webroot security tools find threats, eliminate them, and secure all your connected devices. Tens of thousands of papers can be scanned simultaneously because of their heuristic threat detection capabilities.

Webroot threat protection is more comprehensive than that of Avast.

Phishing Shield, Web Shield, and Identity Shield

According to PhishLabs and Agari Quarterly Threat Trends & Intelligence Report, phishing scams are gradually occurring through various online platforms. Fortunately, Webroot offers some tools, including Web Shield, Phishing Shield, and Identity Shield, to ensure online user protection.

Common web exploits are detected and prevented by Web Shield. It shields your device from attacks when you browse the Internet. Even while you are offline, it stops harmful scripts from running. Webroot’s Identity Shield scans websites for keylogging, screen logging, camera theft, and other data-stealing techniques that can steal your details online. At the same time, the Phishing Shield detects and prevents phishing attacks. Avast also provides Phishing and Web Shields. However, Identity Shield is a unique feature of Webroot.

As a matter of fact, Webroot involves an advanced machine learning technique and content classification to automate phishing website detection. In addition, BrightCloud provides a real-time anti-phishing service to safeguard users against phishing attacks real-time.

Webroot Prices

2. webroot prices
Webroot pricing options
  • Webroot AntiVirus (Basic Package): $23.99 with a 40% discount
  • Webroot Security Plus with AntiVirus (Best Value): $35.99 with a 40% discount
  • Webroot Internet Security Complete with Antivirus (Premium Protection): $47.99 with a 40% discount

Webroot Customer Service

Webroot provides the best customer service to its customers. Likewise, Avast also offers reliable customer support. Unfortunately, Webroot doesn’t provide a live chat.

What Do I Need to Know About Avast?

Avast is the ease of use antivirus software that offers a long time complete protection in the face of cybersecurity threats and attacks. Many users, including MAC users and Android users, choose Avast security products, such as Avast Business Antivirus and Avast E-Guard. Better Avast than sorry to your internet security. Avast also offers a free antivirus that you can download from their official website.

Avast Best Features

Avast provides comprehensive and unique features to address common issues concerning cybersecurity. The following sections elaborate on a list of features in this regard.

Avast Security Products

Avast primarily offers four security products that can install on all your devices, including PCs equipped with Microsoft Windows, Android devices, Mac, and iPhone/iPad. The following list demonstrates Avast security products:

  1. Avast Free Antivirus
  2. Avast Premium Security
  3. Avast Ultimate
  4. Avast One
  5. Avast Mobile Security App (Free Version)

Avast Privacy Tools

Effective antivirus software always protects customers’ data privacy. This is the reason Avast offers five additional privacy tools, including:

  1. Avast SecureLine VPN
  2. Avast AntiTrack
  3. Avast BreachGuard
  4. Avast Secure Browser
  5. Avast Online Security & Privacy

Avast Performance Tools

Temporary and junk files often slow down your computer speed. Therefore, the best security companies also focus on system performance. Avast provides two performance tools in this regard.

  1. Avast Cleanup Premium
  2. Avast Driver Updater

Real-Time Protection

We cannot profoundly understand bad guys’ malicious operations. They orchestrate plans 24/7 to attack your systems and networks. The computer system is constantly under threat whenever it is connected to the Internet. Usually, we run a manual scan to identify cyber threats on our computers. In comparison, we need to protect our systems in real-time.

Avast offers real-time protection to prevent real-time cyber attacks. Avast offers real-time protection through various features, such as Core Shields, Network Inspector, Firewall, Email Guardian, Ransomware Shield, Remote Access Shield, and Real Site. On the other hand, Webroot primarily provides real-time protection against phishing attacks.

PC Scanner

PC scanner is one of the necessary and best features of any good antivirus software. Usually, most antivirus products include Quick and Full Scan options. Unlike, Avast incorporates a variety of scans, including:

  • Smart Scan
  • Boot-Time Scan
  • Explorer Scan
  • Custom Scan
  • Targeted Scan
  • Full Virus Scan

Core Shields

3. avast core shields
Avast core shields security controls

Your email, web applications, and system files are critical assets that must be protected. More importantly, Avast also detects abnormal behavior of suspected applications. To this end, Avast Core Shields provide several security controls, such as:

  • Mail Shield
  • Web Shield
  • File Shield
  • Behavior Shield

Network Inspector

4. avast network inspector
Avast let’s you scan your network for vulnerabilities

Hackers first look for the vulnerabilities to exploit before launching the actual attack. Unsecure networks can provide porous holes to threat actors. Therefore, network security is essential. According to SANS Institute, “when dealing with network security, a security professional’s first concern is who is trying to access the network and whether or not to allow access. The primary concerns are hackers, those who attack the Internet or the infrastructure.”

The good news is that Avast offers a Network Inspector, which scans for vulnerabilities and potential strangers piggybacking on your network. Contrarily, Webroot doesn’t provide a Network Inspector.

Ransomware and Remote Access Shields

One of the sophisticated techniques that bad guys use is file encryption. First and foremost, they deploy the malware into the targeted system and then spread a ransomware attack. Afterward, they encrypt files and ask for ransom to decrypt them. Fortunately, Avast provides Ransomware Shield to prevent malware and untrusted apps from deleting, holding, or changing your photos and files.

Likewise, Avast Remote Access Shield prevents cyber pests from utilizing your computer’s Remote Desktop against you. In addition, you can choose who is allowed to access your computer and block the rest remotely.


It is preferable not to download unknown files from the Internet. However, sometimes, it may be necessary to do so. Avast offers a Sandbox feature whereby you can run files in a safe environment if this is the case. Sandbox doesn’t allow malicious files to wreak havoc on your computer system. On the other hand, Webroot also offers a Sandbox – namely SafeStart.

Privacy Features

Privacy is always your top priority. To ensure your privacy, Avast offers various additional features, including:

  • Hack Alerts
  • Password Protection
  • Webcam Shield
  • Sensitive Data Shield
  • Data Shredder

On the contrary, Webroot offers only one privacy tool – WiFi Security.

Avast Prices

5. avast pricing options
Avast pricing options

Avast price plan starts at $49.99/year with a 49% discount for Avast Premium Security. For Avast Ultimate, a company charges you $79.99/year with a 38% discount. Each price plan supports ten devices. Unlike Webroot, Avast offers a free program for antivirus. However, Webroot prices are lower than Avast.

Customer Support

Avast’s official website offers a support section that includes a search bar with a knowledge base where users can ask questions regarding common issues they face about Avast. In addition, Avast Premium tech support provides a 24/7 free consultation.


In this article, we pitted Webroot vs. Avast against each other in a head-to-head comparison. As a result, we conclude that Avast is a clear winner. Webroot also offers advanced features, such as comprehensive threat intelligence and polymorphic malware protection. Nevertheless, Avast offers more features and privacy tools, such as hack alerts, webcam shields, sensitive data shields, and more. Therefore, Avast is a better option. Good choice always matters when it comes to choosing a cybersecurity tool.


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