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LastPass Vs. Avast: An Overview

A password is a weak link when it comes to internet security. According to the Verizon Data Breach Report, 81% of data breaches occurred due to reused or weak passwords. Therefore, password security has become a need of the hour and has gained global attention.

Intel, a manufacturer of PC microprocessors and the holder of the x86 processor architecture patent, first started a World Password Day on 5th May to create awareness about password protection.

Security professionals recommend strong passwords to avoid cyber-attacks, including password attacks.

To this end, individuals and corporate employees utilize password management tools, such as password managers like LastPass and Avast Password Management, to ensure robust security for password protection.

There are different password managers. However, it would be best if you chose a safe password manager.

According to the Times of India, at World Password Day, Norton experts revealed the importance of Password Managers and what makes them vital tools for digital security.

LastPass believes that the future is passwordless. Instead of using a master password, LastPass authenticates users via a LastPass Authenticator.

You can buy this tool for both personal and business purposes. Moreover, LastPass provides you with an easy and fast login, passwordless login, strong passwords, storage of digital records, Dark Web Monitoring, and safe password and notes sharing. More importantly, LastPass offers a 30-day trial for a premium plan.

Overview of LastPass
Figure 1: Overview of LastPass

On the contrary, Avast offers Password Management and a complete cybersecurity solution against cyber threats and attacks.

The Avast Premium Security offers a Password Protection feature to protect passwords (see Figure 2 below).

Avast believes storing passwords on web browsers is not a wise approach as web browsers are vulnerable to attacks, such as malware, DDoS, and so forth.

Avast Password Protection
Figure 2: Avast Password Protection

In this article, we will explore the LastPass and Avast Password Management to discover what is better between the two. But first, let’s compare their key features:

LastPass vs Avast Password: Feature Comparison

Featurelastpass logoAvast
Multi-Factor Authentication
Secure Note
Password Generator
Password Vault
Dark Web Monitoring
Browser Protection
Identity Assistant
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What Are Critical Features of LastPass?

LastPass is one of the world-leading password managers. The program ensures the robust security of your login credentials and other sensitive data. The following sections delve into LastPass’ advanced features.

Robust Encryption

Cryptography is crucial in ensuring Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability (CIA), also known as the CIA triad, of your personal data and sensitive information. LastPass implements military-grade encryption, an application of cryptography. The program uses AES-256-bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA-256 and salted hashes. In addition, you can locally generate a unique encryption key. To this end, you must create a LastPass account with an email address and a strong master password.

More importantly, even LastPass doesn’t know your encryption keys. This is because the master password and encryption keys aren’t sent to LastPass’ servers.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Add an extra layer of security with LastPass’ MFA. If a threat actor bypasses a single factor (such as guess your password), other factors will make his attempts foil. Other factors may include PIN codes, biometrics like face and fingerprint scans, or One Time Password (OTP) verification. In addition, if you apply for an MFA, you don’t need to use a master password (Passwordless).

LastPass delivers an all-in-one authentication solution that can manage all authentication factors with a single admin dashboard. In addition, contextual authentication provides behind-the-scene authentication with hidden factors like IP address and phone location.

LastPass’ MFA allows you to manage your remote workforce with efficient access control. The MFA offers remote employees a simple, use-friendly, and passwordless login.

LastPass Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
Figure 3: LastPass Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Password Management

Most users employ dozens of passwords for different accounts, such as Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Today, security professionals recommend using complex passwords. But, in fact, random passwords are also difficult to break.

However, memorizing too many complex passwords is an arduous task. Moreover, stored passwords on a web browser are always vulnerable to cyber-attacks. To resolve these issues, LastPass offers a good Password Manager to secure innumerable strong and unique passwords. LastPass Password Manager can create, remember, and fill passwords. First, you must log in to your online account for the first time. Then, for the next sign-ins, LastPass will store your username and password.

LastPass Password Manager can help you create a Secure Note for your personal information and documents such as social security number, passport, credit card numbers, and so on. Moreover, LastPass remembers and secures your address and credit card details for your next purchase. If you want to share your login credentials with others, such as with your family or support team at work, LastPass would securely share your login details.

Password Generator

If you don’t want to manually create a password (like in the previous section), you can use LastPass Password Generator to create secure, random passwords. LastPass browser extensions and mobile apps enable you to immediately generate a strong password, manage your saved login details, and even more. Moreover, the LastPass Password Generator is available for windows users, mac users, desktop applications, operating systems, and mobile platforms, including android devices.

You can create passwords for every website associated with e-banking, eCommerce, email account, social media, and even more. LastPass allows you to choose password length, upper- and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols. You can also select difficulty levels. For example, see “Easy to Say,” “Easy to Read,” and “All characters.”  Figure 3 below shows the graphical representation.

LastPass Password Creation
Figure 4: LastPass Password Creation

LastPass Password Vault

Like a physical safe, LastPass’ Password Vault is safe for your digital assets. The Password Vault provides you with unlimited password storage with other vital information. You can also save sites on your vault either manually or via import. No sooner a user enters login details or fills a form on a website than Password Vault automatically captures and stores all the details for the next use.

In addition, Password Vault can store payment information, securely share information, family details, and Personally Identifiable Information (PII). LastPass one-touch login saves you a significant amount of time.

Dark Web Monitoring

The Dark Web, also known as Deep Web, is a hidden part of the internet and cannot be accessed by traditional search engines such as Firefox or Google Chrome. Cybercriminals use the Dark Web for criminal activities such as drug trafficking, illegal arms sale, child pornography, etc. Hackers can steal your login credentials via phishing and cyber-attacks to resell them on the Dark Web. Your personal information may be stored on the following platforms:

  • Email accounts
  • Banks
  • Ecommerce websites
  • Social media sites
  • Medical accounts
  • Peer-to-Peer networks
  • Blogs
  • Forums, webinars, and chat rooms

If attackers compromise any of the above sites, your sensitive information will have been exploited. The good news is that LastPass scans a Dark Web against potential email breaches. So they will inform you about an attack before it becomes a big nightmare.

LastPass continuously monitors your email addresses within the database of compromised credentials. If LastPass finds your email addresses in breached credentials, it will alert you via email. It is interesting to know you LastPass is protecting you even if you are not logged in to your account or not using your email address. Dark Web Monitoring works in three steps that are listed below:

  1. Monitor: It will continuously monitor your email address and check whether it’s not located in the database of breached credentials.
  2. Alert: As said before, if your email is found in compromised credentials, LastPass informs you through an email.
  3. Protect: You must take appropriate actions to protect your leaked account. To this end, you need to change your password quickly.
Dark Web Monitoring
Figure 5: Dark Web Monitoring

As a matter of fact, LastPass’ Security Dashboard features Dark Web Monitoring. The Security Dashboard provides a detailed look at the health and security of your stored passwords. With Security Dashboard’s different features, you can monitor your email addresses for data breaches, assess and beef up your overall security score, and update reused and weak passwords.

Undoubtedly, human error is one of the leading causes of data breaches. In addition, employees often fall prey to social engineering attacks. Security Dashboard enables the workforce to look at their accounts centrally and encourages them to ensure their online security.


The critical thing about LastPass is that the program is compliant with SOC2 Type II. In addition, the controls and processes of LastPass are periodically reviewed by the regulatory standard. It also confirms the reliability and security of the LastPass.

LastPass for Personal and Business Use

For personal use, LastPass offers individual and family plans. With LastPass Premium Version, get unlimited device type access, emergency access, security dashboard, dark web monitoring, and more.

For business use, LastPass offers three business plans: Teams, Business, and Enterprise, along with two additional add-ons, including Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

What Do I Need to Know About Avast Password Management?

Avast protects passwords through Avast Premium Security. In addition, Avast BreachGuard and Avast Passwords are helpful tools that prevent users’ sensitive information from being compromised online. Avast BreachGuard is also available for Mac users. On the other hand, Avast Passwords can be used for Windows, MAC, Android, and iPhone/iPad. The following sections detail Avast’s exciting features to protect online information and login credentials.

Avast Password Security Model

Avast Password Security Model is the best option for Avast users to protect their passwords. This model allows you to ensure the privacy and security of your login credentials. Moreover, you can backup and synchronize your accounts without fear. Look at the following diagram to understand how your master password that only you know unlocks other passwords that allow you to log into your multiple accounts.

Avast Passwords Security Model
Figure 6: Avast Passwords Security Model

The five steps in the above diagram are elaborated below:

  1. The master password is only in your mind. The Avast server doesn’t store your master password, just like the LastPass.
  2. Unlocking Avast passwords on your device involves an encryption scheme. Many highly secure steps that involve secret keys and random numbers (salt) unlock an encrypted, randomly generated, and device-specific encryption key that is only stored locally on your device.
  3. The local key is utilized to unlock the password vault on your device in a secure manner.
  4. The password vault protects encryption keys used to unlock your login credentials.
  5. If you activate Backup and Synchronization, your encrypted credentials are stored on the Avast server. However, your local key isn’t located on Avast Server. Therefore, Avast cannot access these credentials.

Strong Encryption

Like LastPass, Avast also uses AES-256 encryption. In addition, Avast employs Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman (ECDH) key management for secure synchronization of encrypted passwords among devices. In this case, a master password will be different for each device. Finally, Avast uses a combination of asymmetric and symmetric cryptography.

Browser Protection

Avast BreachGuard protects your web browser, including the data it holds, such as bookmarks and history. In addition, the program scans web browsers for weak, breached, or duplicated passwords.

Avast BreachGuard Browser Protection
Figure 7: Avast BreachGuard Browser Protection

Select the browser tab from the setting menu.

Avast BreachGuard Browser Monitoring
Figure 8: Avast BreachGuard Browser Monitoring

The above figure shows various browsers that Avast BreachGuard is detecting in the computer in which it has been installed. The user can move the slider by clicking on the red cross button (OFF). No sooner the user clicks on the slider than it will turn green (ON).

Risk Monitor

Your online accounts are valuable assets. If any of your online accounts are exploited, Avast BreachGuard shows an alert: “Your Personal info is at risk.” In addition, the Risk Monitor indicates the risk.

Avast BreachGuard Risk Monitor
Figure 9: Avast BreachGuard Risk Monitor

Avast BreachGuard can demonstrate warnings about various threat types, including reused passwords, weak passwords, using a breached password, and breached account.

Avast BreachGuard ensures that your monitored email accounts are not involved in the data breaches. In addition, the program allows adding an unlimited number of monitored email accounts. Avast’s Risk Monitor looks similar to LastPass’ Dark Web monitoring.

Browser Extension

Avast BreachGuard also features a browser extension to ensure your online security and privacy. In fact, the browser extension controls access to your sensitive data and warns you with regard to bogus websites and social engineering attacks, such as phishing.

Identity Assistant

Identity Assistant is another essential feature of BreachGuard. It will allow you to speak to Avast’s Identity Assistant expert free of charge 24/7. Moreover, this feature offers two different services: ScamAssist and Identity Resolution. On the contrary, the LastPass doesn’t feature Identity Assistant.

Avast Passwords

Like LastPass Password Vault, Avast Passwords is a digital safe that securely stores sensitive information in a central place. You need to provide information one time. After that, Avast Passwords allow you to access your online accounts quickly. In addition, the program will enable you to securely sync passwords and secure notes across all your devices for safer one-click logins. Avast Passwords is a part of Avast Premium Security.

Random Password Generator

Like the LastPass, Avast also offers a Random Password Generator. So you don’t need to work hard to generate a complex password.

Avast Random Password Generator
Figure 10: Avast Random Password Generator

Avast Hack Check Tool

Avast provides a free Hack Check tool that helps you know if any of your online accounts has been hacked.

Avast Free Hack Check Tool
Figure 11: Avast Free Hack Check Tool


LastPass is one of the best password manager apps. Password is a great asset, and its security is indispensable. However, you may not be aware of when a bad guy gets unauthorized access to your personal computer and steals your sensitive data and personal information, such as login credentials and credit cards. Therefore, people use password managers to protect against password attacks.

This article delves into the details of the LastPass and Avast Password Manager. Choosing the winner between the two is challenging as both software tools are good. Nevertheless, I’ll announce the LastPass as a WINNER. The LastPass is a specially designed password manager. It provides comprehensive features for password management and protection. Contrarily, Avast Passwords is a part of Avast Premium Security. However, Avast BreachGuard is a separate tool, but it isn’t as efficient as the LastPass is.

Our Scorelastpass logoAvast
Ease of Setup55
Customer Support55
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