How To Disable Avast Ads and Popups

Popups and annoying Ads are one of the most interruptive, distracting, and aggressive forms of advertising. Avast antivirus programs notify with regard to warnings, alerts, updates about Avast products, and application activity.

While working on a PC or laptop, people often focus on their work. Distractions can be troublemaking or a waste of time. Under such circumstances, you need to disable unwanted Avast Popups and Ads and other antivirus pop ups. This article will elaborate on a step-by-step guide to disabling Avast Ads.

How To Disable Avast Ads & Popups?

The following sections detail given steps to turn off Avast Ads or Popups.

Step #1:

The first thing is to open your Avast product, such as Avast free version Antivirus software, Avast Cleanup Premium, or Avast Internet Security. It depends on what Avast product (s) you are using. We assume settings for Avast Premium Security full version. The settings screen is almost the same for the Avast Free Antivirus. You must use the updated version of Avast products.

The best way is to open your Avast Premium Security from the system tray icon or the start menu. Next, click on the Menu button that is located in the upper right corner of the Avast window (see Figure 1 below to find the gear icon in the top right corner).

Figure 1 Avast Premium Security Menu
Figure 1: Avast Premium Security Menu

Step #2:

The next step is the Settings option. After clicking on a Menu button, a new chart listing some features and Avast products will appear. It will also show which Avast products you have installed on your PC. Then, by clicking on the Avast Settings menu, which looks like a gear icon, the General menu will appear that lists many features, including Notifications. The Notification area incorporates many functions that cause Avast Popups and Ads (See Figure 2 below).

Figure 2: Avast Premium Security -> Menu -> Settings -> General -> Notifications
Figure 2: Avast Premium Security -> Menu -> Settings -> General -> Notifications

Tick the box next to use Silent Mode and turn off all popups, alerts, and messages.

Step #3:

The Silent Mode will automatically disable all Ads and Popups. If you turn on the Silent Mode in Avast, alerts and popups won’t appear when your computer is in full-screen Mode. Even when your computer is in Silent Mode, Avast will still keep you safe from online threats and cyber threats by raising threat alerts. This feature will keep you safe when you play games or share your screen with someone else.

Figure 3: Avast Premium Security -> Silent Mode
Figure 3: Avast Premium Security -> Silent Mode

Disable Avast Shield Control to Avoid Ads and Popups

  1. Click the right mouse button on the Avast icon in the System Tray.
  2. Fly over and press the ok button on “Control Avast Shields.” The second option on the Popup menu appears when you right-click the Avast Antivirus icon in the System Tray.
  3. Click on the toggle switch next to the heading. Choose how long you want to disable Avast: You can choose from four different things. Here’s what they are:
    • Disable for 10 minutes.
    • Disable for 1 hour.
    • Disable until the computer is restarted.
    • Disable permanently.
  4. Click OK, then Stop. In the popup alert, it’s the green button. This disables Avast Antivirus.
  5. Right-click the Avast icon in the System Tray to turn Avast Antivirus back on. Then, move your mouse over “Avast Shields Control” and click “Enable all shields.”

Avast “Do Not Disturb” Feature

The setting option also includes the Performance Menu, which further encompasses “Do Not Disturb Mode.” When any app is on full screen, this new feature will silence Avast notifications and Avast ads from Windows, other apps, and even from Avast. See Figure 4 below for more details.

Figure 4: Avast Premium Security -> Menu -> Settings -> Performance -> Do Not Disturb Mode
Figure 4: Avast Premium Security -> Menu -> Settings -> Performance -> Do Not Disturb Mode

Turn Off Avast Alerts When You Are Playing Games

Playing games is a joyful activity in leisure time. However, Popup windows divert your attention to other activities. If you don’t want to be disturbed, turn on the Quiet/Gaming mode. It will make Avast run in Silent Mode when an application takes up the whole screen. This way, the annoying Popups or other messages won’t appear when you play games or operate other full-screen apps.

The Silent Function in Avast is a great way to stop annoying popups and notification sounds. Hackers and people who write code for computers can use this feature to their advantage. In addition, Quiet Mode can work on your computer without interruption when turned on.

Block Pop-ups on Google Chrome

Avast adblocker is a part of Avast Secure Browser that allows you to block popups on web browsers, including Google Chrome. Many web pages show popup offers and utilize popups to make you look and click. Browser integration and individual shields may also raise alarms. As you can disable and enable Avast sounds,

Avast Secure Browser (without credit card) lets Avast customers stop Avast pop ups on web browsers. Avast ad blocker addresses different types of pop, including common pop and regular pop. Avast also offers free antivirus software, which also manages notifications. However, it would be best if you considered virus definition updates.


In this article, we have thoroughly looked at annoying Ads and notifications. The pesky alerts sometimes make it hard for people to concentrate at work. For example, Avast can raise alerts about Avast password, VPN service, latest version, Avast virus database, Avast antivirus protection, software updater, security applications, Windows updates, and the latest updates. If you don’t like these popups, Avast antivirus software puts them on your screen, and you can turn off these Avast popups.

Blocking Ads is a step-by-step process, and we will block different types of Popups one at a time. But, first, we listed a complete step-by-step guide on disabling Avast intrusive Ads.


How do I shut down Avast?

You can shut down Avast using the Avast icon on the system tray. Right-click on it and choose Avast shields control. It will show several options. You can shut down Avast for 10 minutes, 1 hour, until the next restart, or permanently.

Does Avast free have Popups?

Yes, Avast free antivirus alerts and warnings about application activity, product updates, etc.

How Do I Get Avast to Stop Running in The Background?

Go to Settings Menu, and uncheck “Enable Avast self-defense module.” Next, click OK and then click Yes on the warning dialog. Then, close the Avast User interface.

After that, Run the command prompt, open a cmd, and type the following command:

taskkill /F /IM avastui.exe

SUCCESS: The process “AvastUI.exe” with PID 5928 has been terminated.

If you want to stop Avast permanently from running in the background, type services.msc in the Run menu. After that, search Avast Antivirus from the list, double click on it, and then click on Disable and Apply from the dialog. You are done!

Why can’t I remove Avast from my computer?

You can’t normally uninstall Avast while the setup is already running. So, the only way is to stop the setup first, then use Avast Clear (Avast Removal Tool) to uninstall Avast.


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